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Service Locations

With locations and salesmen all throughout Michigan, NW Ohio and Indiana we are ready to help you with your industrial applications.

Southern Michigan and NW Ohio
Tim Dunham
Cell 269-342-5895
Kalamazoo, MI

Northern MI and Grand Rapids
John Mack
Cell 810-304-5656
Mt. Pleasant, MI

Central MI – Lansing to Macomb County
Bob James
Cell 248-632-2321
Howell, MI

Dennis Tucker
Cell 317-966-0061
Indianapolis, IN

Upper Peninsula MI
Mark Johnson
Cell 248-613-5832
Royal Oak, MI


Products by Region:

Lower MI: All lines except Process Sensors

U.P. MI: Fairchild, General Monitors, GIC, MSA, Precision Digital

Toledo: Chromalox, Fairchild, GIC, Precision Digital

Northern IN: Chromalox, Fairchild, GIC, Precision Digital, Process Sensors

Southern IN: Chromalox, GIC, Precision Digital, Process Sensors

LINE CARD: Download our Michigan / Ohio Line Card or our Indiana Line Card

We Represent a Large Group of Companies.